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London Olympics 2012- KPS Members' Stories
We hope that you have all enjoyed the Britain's success at the London Olympics. Here are various stories and wonderful pictures we received from our members. We should all proud to be British Kadwa Patidars. Our members have taken active part as volunteers or as supporters in making the London Olympics the 'best ever' Olympics.

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Yashika Savani

My name is Yashika Savani and I had the honour of being a Games Maker for London 2012 Olympics. I got to meet and greet winning athletes and then escort them from backstage onto the podium where they would receive their medals and flower bouquets in front of millions of people. It gives me great honour in saying I got to meet and escort some of the most greatest athletes, one of them being Jessica Ennis – Olympic Gold Medalist for Women’s Heptathlon representing Team Great Britain. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I got to be apart of it. It was the best experience ever and I will cherish it forever.

I will also be taking part in the London 2012 Paralympics as an Athlete Escort during the Victory Ceremonies for Wheelchair Basketball

Misha Baria

My name is Misha Baria, daughter of Kishor Maganlal Baria, and I was an Olympic Torchbearer for the London 2012 Olympics.

The experience was amazing and it was definitely the most surreal and emotional day of my life. The crowds were overwhelmingly supportive. As I was waiting to be dropped off to the point from which I was running, my family and friends who came to watch me on the day were surrounded by local residents who were in such high spirits and showed an incredible excitement that, as soon as I arrived at my starting point, complete strangers greeted me by screaming my name, congratulating me and taking pictures like there was no tomorrow! I was grouped with about 15 other Torchbearers and I feel so privileged to not only have met but to have shared this experience with some truly inspirational people.

Of course I have my family to thank for supporting me through everything I have done in my life, especially my grandparents Maganlal and Kantaben Bharia. To say I am grateful for my dad for nominating me would be an understatement, it is a great honour and I have him to thank for this opportunity

Deepa Dadhania

I'm Deepa Dadhania and I was one of the Games Makers (volunteers) that helped make the olympics. I was based at Wimbledon for the tennis.. As I was a volunteer I was able to go to the final rehearsal for the opening ceremony as well..

It was an amazing experience and throughly enjoyed it! The public response to the Games Maker's was fantastic and made my time in London so enjoyable!

The group picture of the torch is of the torch that Andy Murray held when he ran through Wimbledon during the torch relay.

Nita Kalawadia

The picture attached was taken in the school I work at, St Robert Southwell Primary School, in Kingsbury. We were lucky enough to have the Olympic Torch visit our school, after the relay that took place in Oxford, which was carried by a student's uncle. He was kind enough to bring the torch to the school and this opportunity allowed many school children and teachers to be part of the Olympic experience.

Girish Karvelia

We had a wonderful experience to hold Olympic torch and flag during Harrow torch relay and also very exciting time in the Olympic Park to watch basket ball match on 1st August 2012. The experience and joy we had in the park is like once upon a life time opportunity.

Nitin Changela

We saw Jessica Ennis, Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and a host of other athletes compete. Jessica Ennis was set up for that evening where she secured the Gold medal along with Mo Farah. The buzz was superb on the underground as we set off at 6.00am for our show at 10.00am. We had Union Jacks draped around us for the day and we were not alone! We saw Olympic history created when Oscar Pistorius of South Africa with no legs compete for the first time with able bodied athletes in the 400m Mens. These were the most memorable moments inside and outside the stadium for my family and we will never see the Olympics in London again in our lifetimes. The sights and sounds still linger on in our heads.                                                                                                                                                  
Bring on the Paralympics!! We are going to three events and just cannot wait.

 “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. The Essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” ---- Baron Pierre de Coubertin (Founder of the Modern Olympics)

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By Manoj Ardeshna

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