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Charity Walk - Lost in Dartmoor
On the weekend of 25/26th March 25 of us took a Coach to Devon. The main aim of the weekend was to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. This is the only UK charity dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for all blood cancers. We did a sponsored 10k walk around Dartmoor.
The group was headed by Nitin and Mina Changela. We were all in high spirits, enjoying the company, the beautiful scenery, the wonderful weather and although our legs were sore, we successfully completed the walk and raised lots of money. The walk was such a success; we ended up walking an extra 2 km!!! I’d like to give a special mention being made to 5 year old Rucha Dalsania. She completed the full walk with a smile on her face at all times and not a single complaint (which cannot be said about certain 50 year olds!)
Aside from the walk, we spent the weekend visiting Somerset and the beautiful caves of Cheddar. The main aim of the weekend was charity, however a lot more was gained. By doing such things as taking a coach, staying in hotel together or eating scones in a Somerset cafe, it gave us the chance to interact with Samaj members outside the confines of the Samaj, and show that it is about getting to know each other. This weekend was just one example, but a start as to how we can do this.
The total raised for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research was £1500, and we would like to thank everyone from the Samaj and those from outside who donated. I would personally like to thank Nitin Changela for a brilliant weekend and hope we continue to do more.
We finally arrived back at the Samaj, with one thought in mind....where is my bed!!!! But with an envelope full of money for Leukaemia &Lymphoma Research, our legs were all paining, but it was so worth it.
By Shivani Kantaria
“A group of Indians went to Devon
and saw countryside which looked like heaven.
They set off on a long winded track
some at the front but most lagging at the back.
The sun was shining, birds singing,
horses were neighing, the trees swaying.
Cars rolled down the valley side
as we followed Nitin who was our guide
....and ended up taking a cheap sheep ride!!!”
by Neha Dedakia and Shivani Kantaria
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