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Mehfil Night for Mothers Day
On 17th March we held the second Mehfil night of the year. This night was to celebrate Mothers Day and to raise money for the charity, Friends of Sick Children in Malawi.

The hall was decorated, lighting in hues of pink and turquoise. Everyone was eager and looking forward to a wonderful night, and what a night it was!!!! The doors opened and we welcomed 500 people!!! The night began with delicious food provided by J.B foods and then the Mehfil began.

Everyone was seated and captivated by Rajeev Sharma and his group. He sang melodiously a mix of old and new songs, from the classic Sholay, yeh dosti to Dirty Picture’s, ooh la la!! The requests were flowing one by one and he welcomes each one and sang with full pomp and passion. Everyone was singing along, clapping and enjoying.

All proceeds from tickets went towards the UK charity, Friends of Sick Children in Malawi and we did more fundraising on the night. But why Friends of Sick Children in Malawi? The charity raises vital funds to pay nurses, clinical officers and to pay for much needed resources in the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi. It costs £3500 to pay for one nurse for one year. The project was initiated by Dr Jayant Depani, whose daughter and son-in-law are volunteering in the paediatrics department there. KPS youth took on the challenge to raise funds.

We gave a presentation; using videos sent from Malawi and prepared a short PowerPoint display of images and facts from Malawi. I am happy that everyone took on the cause and opened up not only their hearts but their wallets as well!! The final total raised on the night was an amazing £10,051!!!!!!

For more information about the charity click here

For pictures click here

I would like to say thank you to the convenors, Ashvin Changela and Nilesh Kalawadia and the team who worked hard to bring this event to fruition and made it a great success. Also big thanks to Ankit Trambadia, Dr Depani and team for successfully raising so much money. Thank you to everyone who came. It was a successful night which everyone enjoyed. Let’s hope there is more to come.

By Shivani Kantaria

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